After school care (BSO)

After-school care is commonly refered to as BSO in The Netherlands. After-school care is provided at our school by Mundo. Before- and after-school care is offered at our location. At the before-school care children can enjoy breakfast provided by Mundo. Regular, experienced and very enthusiastic pedagogical staff do everything they can to make it a fun day or afternoon for the child. Activities are offered every day, such as crafts, building, board games, outdoor play activities, cooking, sports or just playing with friends. We see the time that the children spend at the BSO as free time. The children can relax in their own way after a strenuous school day.

BSO Bizetlaan has a space decorated in Mundo’s Grand Café theme with a cozy studio corner. We also have a 7+ classroom where the older children are offered their own challenging activities. Moreover children play outside a lot. One of the favorites is to play reallife Stratego at the neighbouring Lage Bergsche Bos. If you would like to register your child with Mundo, please contact Mundo. More information about BSO Bizetlaan.