English lessons from group 1 (kindergarten) and up

Children are language-sensitive until the age of 8. The speech part of the brain naturally absorbes (new) languages. At our school, the children are therefore acquainted with the English language from group 1 (Early Foreign Language Education). We use and teach English words, read English books and teach English songs.

The children learn the pronunciation of English and they build up knowledge of English in a playful way. Children speak quite freely at this age, this comes naturally to a young child. The lessons are provided by their own teacher according to the Early Bird method.

Hearing English, reading English, speaking English, singing English are not limited to English class. Children are surrounded by the English language. English is also regularly used out of English class.

We are proud to have English books at our school library. Children do not only learn to speak English, but also learn to read and to write English. We gradually work up to this in group 3 until group 8 (approximately the age of 6 until the age of 12).

The school as a whole follows the Dutch curriculum for the English language.

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