Mission, vision and promises to our pupils

All children have their own way of developing.
Each child has its own opportunities, talents and skills. And a developmental pace that suits them.
We think it is important that each child is seen and recognized.
With that in mind, we look at children and see endless possibilities.
Our education should be an added value to each child. So they can experience a optimal development throughout their school career with us.

In addition, we find it important that their voice is heard when it comes to their own development.
Ownership stimulates involvement and thus the motivation to continue developing.
Personal development and development of skills and talents provided a solid foundation for the future.
We want children to flourish in all aspects of life. We want them to be happy with themselves, learn how to live and deal with others and contribute to society and the world. Now and in the future.

Our core values are:
– Personal development
– Development of talents and skills
– Fun
– Ownership

To have fun learning is an important basis to stay motivated and keep developing.
Learning should be inspiring and ask for more.
We see it as our task to help children to continue developing in a broad sense.
We are commited to help children develop from opportunity for who they are, what they can do, where there talents lie and what they can achieve from their understanding and skills.
We contribute to their knowledge and skills for the future. We build a foundation with which they can go out into the world.
We shape our education based on our mission and vision. We commit ourselves to these promises:

Our promises to children
1. You are seen for who you are.
2. We treat you with respect and positively approach you.
3. We involve you in your development.
4. We challenge you personally to be the best version of you.
5. We see your opportunities, possibilities and needs. We ensure that our education is aligned.
6. We ensure that you can develop within a safe, challenging learning environment.
7.We make sure you enjoy learning and enjoy school.
8. We help you develop your talents.