Mission and school profile


Children all develop in their own way. Each child has its own opportunities, talents and skills. And a developmental pace that suits them. We find it important that each child is seen, recognized and acknowledged. Wiith that in mind, we look at children and see endless possibilities.

Our education should be an added value to each child. So they can experience a optimal development throughout their school career with us.Personal development and development of skills and talents provide a solid foundation for
the future. With our contribution, we want children to reach their full potential so that they can
experience that they can be happy with themselves, learn to get along with others and contribute something in
their future role to society and the world around them.

School Profile

This mission is translated into six concrete building blocks that describe our school profile:

We are an “openbare” school that does not work from a religious identity, but does pay attention
to the (religious and cultural) traditions of students. In this way, every child feels recognized and

We are a liberal school … where children, parents and team can be themselves, regardless of status and
origin. The Eduard van Beinum is open-minded and non-judgmental. Thus, Eduard van Beinum encourages
the development of students into respectful and autonomous individuals.

We offer traditional education with a twist. This means that teachers structurally teach the
basic subjects within year groups. The teacher adapts the teaching to different
levels within the group. In this way, the Eduard van Beinum ensures that all students work from the
connectedness with their group work towards an optimal mastery of the basic subjects. The teaching
in the basic subjects is complemented by a rich, additional offer in projects or courses. In this way
Eduard van Beinum also ensures that children can develop broadly.

We encourage self-confidence in children around their own development. At the Eduard van
Beinum children are not compared to other children but to themselves: teachers give
children insight into where they stand and how they are progressing. Teachers also know which
methods they should use to stimulate children’s involvement in the lessons. Thus
children can take more responsibility for their own development.

We embrace diversity. Children from different backgrounds and cultures, children with
different abilities and interests feel welcome and valued at the Eduard van Beinum.
Eduard van Beinum sees the value of differences and pays attention to them. Thus the
Eduard van Beinum harnesses the power of diversity and provides mutual connection.

We ara a tight community … around the children. The Eduard van Beinum works closely together
with BSO and TSO and organizations in the neighborhood. Eduard van Beinum is open to parents and works
together with parents, within the educational framework of the school. The Eduard van Beinum facilitates parents
in forming a network with other parents. Thus, parents, organizations in the neighborhood and the
school as partners in the development and well-being of the children.