Who we are

Our school is beautifully situated at the heart of Hilligersberg. It is situated between the Molenlaan and along the edge of the Lage Bergse Bos. Many of our pupils come from the area. In the morning, most children arrive by bike or on foot with one of their parents. Our school is inviting for both children and their parents. We believe that children who enjoy learning are more motivated and learn easily. We offer fun and smart classes, use quality materials and give clear instructions. That helps to grow.

Our pillars

At our school we teach children to be open to others and explore the world with an open view. We are a public primary school and want children to feel at home. We want them to feel at ease and be challenged in a playful way. To achieve that, we use 3 pillars.


Our team of enthusiastic teachers are driven to teach the children. They give personal attention and ensure pupils have a lot of fun learning.


We give children space to be themselves and to have an open mind to the world around them. Everyone is unique. How great is that?


We challenge ourselves to give our best. We invite children to do the same. We pride ourselves to be inventive. We explore new methods and resources.

Eduard van Beinum is the school where children enjoy learning.


In addition to the usual curriculum (such as language and math), we also offer many extras at school.

Let’s speak English

Our pupils are taught English as early as group 1 (kindergarten). We are a certified Early Bird school. Hilligersberg is an known area for expat residents. Most children are used to a bi-lingual upbringing. It therefore makes sense to incorporate English into the curriculum at our school.

We offer a challenging learning environment for gifted children (Minerva).

However we look at the talent of each child at our school. We’ve gained experience over the years to offer gifted children challinging education (Minerva).

You are original

Each child has their own unique set of talents and skills. We feel dat we have to work those talents and skills. Personal attention is key to encourage pupils to make use of their (creative, sporting and/or social-emotional) talents.

Get moving

Pupils are offered gym classes. But that’s not all. Dancing, skating, playing football, sports day. And even brain gymnastics by playing a game of chess. We go great lengths to encourage to get moving. At the schoolyard, the sports field, in the class room or at the swimming pool. Movement ensures that our body is taught everything too.

Music makes you happy

Our school buidling is situated in the middle of the composers district. We love to make music together. Or sing and dance. It inspires pupils and it makes us all happy.

The school in the green

The school is hidden in the green of the forest. Pupils can carelessly play outside. There are quite a few trees at our current playground. We plan to renew the lay-out of the playground and we strive to keep the (green) planting. Ideally we would like to include a vegetable garden.