Midday Care

Practically all our pupils at our school stay over during midday. Mundo’s pedagogical staff provide this accommodation.

The children bring their own healthy lunch.
Pupils eat/drink their lunch in their classroom and then go outside to play.

Clear rules apply during the break. Mundo’s staff ensures that everyone adheres to them. Of course they also ensure the safety of the children. The play materials in the schoolyard vary from a sandpit and bicycles for the smaller children, to a climbing frame, football field, balls, ropes and hoops for the older pupils.


There are costs associated with the accommodation. For this school year (2022-2023), this amount has been set at €220.

Our vision on Midday Care

  • Midday Care is ‘free time’ organized in groups for children.
  • This includes relaxation and fun in an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect. Leisure time is characterized by free play, preferably outdoors. Our school building, play ground and materials are available for Midday Care.
    In case of bad weather, the children stay in the classroom. At Midday Care, we feel it is important that children feel comfortable and safe. This supports being able to relax properly between school hours, because after all, lunchtime is free time.
  • Each child is an individual with its own personality, aptitude and character. The teacher values the child positively in its uniqueness and takes them seriously in all respects. After all, children are all different. Through positive attention for the child, a Midday Carer stimulates self-esteem.
  • The Midday Carer encourages the child to socialize and interact with others. The child also learns social behavior during the break. What we mean by that is to take others into account, to learn to share and to stand up for yourself. We think it is important that children stick to the agreements made, are honest and respect the views and property of others. A Midday Carer teaches the child by setting a good example amongst other methods, which behavior is acceptable and which behavior is not. A Midday Carer prefers to correct the child by giving positive attention to desired behavior. Undesirable behavior such as violence, aggressiveness and bullying is corrected by discussing and limiting it. Incidents are recorded in a log.
  • At Midday Care there are a number of rules. It is important that everyone adheres to this, but especially that the children experience the stay as “fun and cozy”. The rules can be found in the school handbook.

Distribution of responsibilities

The school bears the final responsibility and collects the costs of the Midday Care.

The Midday Care coordinator is Mundo BSO/TSO.Please click here for more information about Mundo.

Medezeggenschapsraad (the participation council) has approval rights, and advises on content and implementation.