Highly gifted children

The Eduard van Beinum school makes promises to each child.
We realise there are many different needs for each child. We deal with them in a sensitive and expert manner.
We generally see two special groups of pupils for whom we have a care policy.
The population on the Eduard van Beinum shows a different spread of pupils than the national spread. At our school we have 30 to 40% A-pupils in each group. In each group, approximately 75% of the pupils are above the national average (A and B level). As they can handle more than the regular curriculum and subject, we offer these children challenging (plus) tasks. In addition to that, we offer Masterclasses in the classroom, such as Chinese, Urban Anthropology and Yoga.

To do justice to the promises we have made to the children, we tailored our educational offer to the needs and characteristics of these groups of pupils.

We respond more to this target group throughout each week, inside and outside their own group, than just working with enrichment material, enrichment assignments and a plus class that works with Acadin.

Teaching gifted pupils is embedded in the DNA of the entire team.
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Our giftedness specialist Mélanie Waterhout supports and coaches our teachers in following and supervising the development of the pupils within the school.

Many parents outside Hilligersberg know where to find us because of our specific offer and the social climate that prevails here.

Inclusive learning at a regular school, where one learns to deal with oneself and the differences between people. And where one can learn with and from each other.

Information about Denksleutels (method – in Dutch)

The importance of working on a growth mindset


Mélanie Waterhout giftedness specialist (and educational support coordinator)