School charges

The Dutch government takes care of tuition. However charges apply. It consists of a voluntary parent contribution and charges for Midday Care (if applicable). We will explain more about these charges below.

Parent contribution

The parental contribution is meant to cover the expenses of activities that are not covered by government funding. The school organises these activities that we feel are important in the development of children. These are examples of such activities:

  • Seasonal celebrations (Sinterklaas, Christmas, Easter)
  • Sports day
  • Schooltrip (field trips)
  • School Library, both Dutch and English
  • Musical
  • There is a supplement contribution applicable for school camp in group 7/8: parents are notiffied well in time.

Our Parent’s Council manages the expenditure of the funds, since it is donated by parents. The amount voluntary parental contribution is agreed annually at the general parent evening. This schoolyear (2022-2023) the amount is €80,- per pupil. A number of parents pay a much higher contribution of their own free will. We are naturally very happy with this. This enables us to organise even more fun activities. So, thank you very much!

Midday Care Charges

The charges for Midday Care are €220,- per pupil this school year (2022-2023).